Annual VW Show FAQ

1. Is this an "air cooled only" show?

a. No! We allow all VWs to register for our show, whether air or water cooled. We love 'em all whether they're show cars, daily drivers, beaters, rat rods, or whatever.

2. Can I register my non-VW hotrod/classic/etc. in your show?
a. No, this is advertised as a VW specific show. Our general rule is that it must at least have a VW body or a VW engine (or both).

3. How much does it cost to get in?
a. Our show is free for spectators. Burger's Lake will be drained for the winter and all their facilities will be closed, therefore there is no fee to enter the park. For information on show registration, vendor, and swap meet fees, see our website show page.

4. Can I park in the show area if my vehicle isn't registered in the show?
a. No. Spectators must park in the spectator parking area. However, registration is only $20 on show day, so if you have a true VW why not register it and bring it in? You'll be eligible for a goodie bag and you might even win a trophy!

5. What if I'm registered in the show but I have to leave before the awards presentation?
a. Please ask a friend or fellow club member to accept for you or make arrangements.

6. What charity do you support?
a. We typically choose a different charitable organization each year, although there are a few that we've supported more than once. We generally like to support small, local (i.e. based in Fort Worth) non-profit entities so that our small contribution has a more significant impact than it would with a multi-million dollar national organization.

7. How much money does your show normally raise for charity?
a. The amount varies depending on how many sponsors we have and the attendance on show day, but our average contribution has been $3,000 to $4,000 each year.

8. How much are your swap meet spaces and how big are they?
a. We charge $20 per swap meet vendor, regardless of how much space they take up. We do not mark off official spaces and aren't strict on how much area is taken up, however we are getting limited on real estate and we ask that folks not spread out any more than they need to.
NOTE: As our swap meet gets more crowded, we may in the future decide to mark off spaces and charge per space instead of per vendor.

9. Can I bring my dog, cat, iguana, possum, or other pet to your show?
a. We prefer only service animals be at the show. Most of us are here to see the awesome and spectacular VW's and to visit with our friends and would rather not have to watch where we are walking. That said, IF you do bring your service animal or pet, you MUST clean up after him or her.

10. Do you sell alcohol, or can I bring my own?
a. No. Again, Burger's Lake rules apply - no alcohol on the property.