Club History

Our humble begins started in August of 1997.

Four co-workers from Lockheed Martin and some young kid from a machine shop got together and put together this club.

Dan Carpenter, Mike Foster, Rusty Herring, and Gary Barnes are the original members of the club. Eventually Jeremiah Payton and Jani Carpenter would join to become the founding members of the club.


The first meetings were held at the then new McDonald’s off Clifford Street and White Settlement Road for the first year. It moved to a nearby Braum’s for the next year or two.

The meetings were then moved to Spring Creek BBQ off of Camp Bowie West Boulevard all the way until 2020 when that location burned down.

After the fire, meetings were moved to the Spring Creek BBQ off of Lake Worth Boulevard, where they have been held every since. Though meetings are becoming quite full and we may have to move again to somewhere that has more room for club members to attend!

Beginnings of the VW Stampede & Roundup Show

We started the VW Stampede & Roundup Show started back in 2001. The first two shows were held at Hiley Volkswagen. Next the show was moved to the Lockheed Recreation Center until around 2015 or 2016.

From there, it was moved to Burger’s Lake, which is where we still put on the show to this day.

Please join us later this year to help celebrate the 22nd Annual VW Stampede & Roundup Show on November 4th, 2023.

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