Welcome to the Ride Of The Month!

Each month our members vote on a member’s car at meetings to be the Ride Of The Month.

This month’s winners for the ride of the month is Lorn Herring

August 2023
Brenda Smith and her new 1971 Karmann Ghia “Bones”

July 2023
Ray Decker and his 1967 L282 Lotus White Beetle “Sixty-7”

June 2023
Tie between Vinson & Lucy Garcia with their 2017 Gold Dune Beetle “June Bug” and Charlene Lucas and her 2018 Habanero Orange Beetle “Clementine”:

May 2023
Mike Jackal

April 2023
Chrissy/Cameron(son) Hudson

March 2023
Kay & Richard McCarty

February 2023
Scott and Loraine Bretz

January 2023
Congratulations to John & Susan Loftis for the first ever ROTM award with their beautifully restored 1974 Blue & White VW bus.